When it comes to YouTube video views, there are some quick and easy ways you can boost your numbers. You can improve your content and channel design, promote videos on other platforms, or use extra YouTube features like end screens and cards.

The most important thing is to keep your audience engaged. One way to do this is by creating playlists of your best videos. This allows your viewers to watch multiple videos at once and easily navigate between them. Additionally, playlists help you rank higher in search results, so more people will see your videos.

Your video titles are the first thing that will catch a viewer’s attention. Make sure your titles are compelling and include the most relevant keywords. However, be careful not to use clickbait or you may risk losing the trust of your viewers.

YouTube’s search engine is constantly evaluating your content to find the best match for users’ searches. Including the keywords you’ve identified in your title, description, and tags can help you rank higher in search results and appear in the “related videos” section below each of your videos.

If your business has a blog, share your new videos with the community there. You can also reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them to feature your videos on their channels. You can even write guest posts on relevant blogs to expose your videos to a larger audience.

Leveraging trends on YouTube is a great way to get more views on your videos. This doesn’t mean you should create content that isn’t related to your niche, but you should pay attention to what types of videos are popular on the platform. For example, in 2019, Mediakix released a list of the most watched types of videos on YouTube. These included how-to videos and Q&A videos that troubleshoot consumer questions.

One of the most effective ways to grow your YouTube viewership is by asking viewers to subscribe. This will notify them every time you upload a new video and encourage them to continue watching your content. You can encourage your viewers to subscribe by asking them at the beginning and end of each video.

It’s a good idea to post your videos when your audience is most active on YouTube. You can determine this by analyzing your viewership data in YouTube Insights. Once you understand your peak times, you can create a publishing schedule that aligns with these periods.

Adding closed captions to your videos is a simple way to ensure that your video content can be enjoyed by all audiences. This is especially useful for people with hearing impairments, who can’t rely on subtitles to read the words being spoken onscreen. Adding the text file to your video allows you to incorporate the keywords you’ve identified for each of your videos into the transcript and then add them as tags in your video description. This will increase your chances of showing up in searches for those keywords on YouTube and Google.

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